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We empower humanity through providing innovative, solution oriented grooming products that help build self esteem. Through ongoing research, quality craftsmanship and ingenuity we continue to raise the bar in the beauty industry. We aspire to transcend new heights, to inspire our customers to reach their greatest potential.

Our History & Origins

“To my LORD and savior Jesus Christ be all the glory and honor”
-R.A.W 2012

I started out making brushes by hand in my barbershop and at home.  I made the first brush out of a 2 x 4” that I found in a field and carved it out with a wood file.  I always believed that there could be a better brush, especially for ethnic hair textures.  It would take me 4 hours to just glue the bristles in, and a week to complete the carving of the brush.  When I go to speak at schools, I always bring a 2 x 4” and show them that this is their dream, whatever their dream may be, it’s up to them to create it.  After much effort, prayer, and persistence I was able to get the brush manufactured (with no investors, while attaining my degree in business finance).


I sold wave brushes at festivals, shows, out of my trunk, city to city, and from shop to shop. Two of my associates and I drove from Detroit to L.A. hitting the streets of every major city along the way.  I told them I was not coming back until every brush was sold!  This is how we attained many retailers, celebrity customers, and put our name out there as for the people.  We would start in the roughest areas in the cities, and work our way out.  One time on a trip selling in D.C., and Baltimore a friend of mine saw how rough the area was and told me he thinks we should bring the knife we used for cutting boxes; I told him we don’t need any weapon, because he’s with me, and I’m under the protection of the Lord. Did some people try us? Yes, I remember one time in Philadelphia these guys were drinking heavy, and were pretty buzzed, and seemed like they wanted to test us. I’m very intelligent when it comes to handling myself in the streets.  I stepped very close to the leader with my head high in the air, to let him know, we’re not afraid; they had no choice but to respect us.  We brushed kid’s hair on the sidewalks, prayed with some people, and gave some brushes away.  We slept in the car, or in crappy motels.  Doing this put our name in the streets, and gave us loyal retailers and customers.  It took much blood, sweat and tears.  You can have the best product in the world, but it’s all about doing what it takes to get it out there.

Now we have been doing very well; we were in the top 25% of All retailers on Amazon in sales during this past Holiday season (2012).  We have just wrapped up our second year in business.  We support our retailers, and make sure they sell well.  I feel proud when I see someone with the Crown Quality Products Wave Brush in a car, or at someone’s home.  I never say that I’m the owner, and inventor, but calmly smile inside.

My vision was, and still is to start people to thinking how they can come up with, and manufacture a product that can better help someone.  As an black male, we are pretty much treated like the lowest guy on the totem pole, but we are powerful, creative, inventive, and compassionate.    I strongly believe that our niche in this new global economy is creating new products, but also manufacturing, and distributing them.  I could have sold my brushes to the existing beauty supply distributors, but they are not people of color, nor do they invest in our communities.  This brush and company was intended to make a statement; that we can do for our self’s, and our people can be the ones that benefit.

Of course you will have people try to knock you off, or copy you out, but we our tried and true, with all dues paid.  When another brush similar to ours came out, some people called me and were upset, I said this will only boost our sales, and soon as it came out our sales went up dramatically. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and validation.  In the European market we have a MVP Basketball player ready to market and blow up CQP in the EU! (He approached us).  I’m very excited about this. We have some big things coming, new logos made by a auto supplier for BMW, Chevy, Chrysler and Cadillac that will never ware or fade (Same thing that is used on the cars). A new Du-rag that can’t be touched in its effectiveness, and two different designs of brushes. Dat boy will be premiering some in his new video.

I appreciate all our loyal customers, retailers, and advocates. Much love. Always keep God first

Robert Watson, C.E.O.

Q What did CQP invent and how did this effect the beauty industry?

Q What hairbrush is best for me?

Q What is the best brush to use in the shower?

Q What Du-rag is best for my hair?

Q What makes CQP brushes the most effective brushes you can buy?

Q What is the fastest way achieve your desired brush style?

Q How to best clean your CQP hairbrush?

How To Properly use the 360 Gold Original Wave Brush

Read entire instructions before use.

To get fast results, begin with a low and even haircut.

Brush your hair in your desired direction: Starting out using straight and slow brush strokes. You will notice the 360 Gold’s curved design and extra long bristles gently pull and smooth your hair into place.

Brush your hair in the direction that your hair naturally grows. If you are not sure of the direction, brush in your desired direction.

Brush hair using long straight strokes. Keep a straight brush stroke; this creates a more uniform wave pattern.

Brush each section repeatedly multiple times. The more consistent you brush in the same direction, the more trained and uniform your waves will become. The 360 Gold covers a large area of your head, so it does not take very long. You can also use “Crown Supreme Pomade” to help condition & lock your wave pattern in place.

Let the hairbrush bristles do the work; do not try to press too hard. Allow the bristles to gently pull and snap your hair into place using long straight strokes. Try to brush your hair and not your scalp; the goal is to pull the hair, stretching it into a wave.

Lastly, tie your hair down using your “Crown Diamond Quilted Du-rag.” Wear overnight for best results.

See pictures that accompany these instructions above.

Crown Original Wooden Brush Maintenance:

Do not boil hairbrush in water. If bristles are too firm, rinse your hairbrush for 3 minutes, and dry. Bristles will soften over time.

Do not crush bristles.

Clean out debris regularly with our “Crown Brush Cleaner”. You also can use a dry brush cleaning solution found at most barber and beauty supply stores.

We do not recommend soaking your brush in water. Most brushes you may be used to from your local beauty supply were made of composite wood. Our brushes are made out of solid wood, this is why our brushes have a beautiful natural woodgrain. If you notice composite brushes have a painted on woodgrain effect. Real wood works a lot better, but in water they expand, and once dried, contract, this may cause your brush to crack or split. Use our “360 Sport Wet / Dry Brush” for your shower brush.

CQP 2.0 Wet/Dry Brushes Instructions & Maintenance
We pack a lot of bristles into each brush; this in part is what makes CQP brushes the most effective wave brushes on the market. Premium brushes may shed bristles with the first few uses. Bristles will stop shedding generally after the third diligent use.

For medium to hard bristle hairbrushes: If bristles are too firm at first, use the brush in the shower or run under hot water. After repeated use the bristles will soften.

Use “CQP Brush Cleaner” to remove lint, hair and other debris. Use a “CQP Brush Bag” to protect your brush from debris when not in use. You can also store your brush in our “Wooden Velvet Inlay Box” to protect it from air born particles.

The 360 Sport Crown & Caesar brushes are safe to use underwater, and do not crack, break or split for life.

The most time efficient way to achieve 360 waves is to start with a low and even haircut.

Brush your hair using long straight strokes. Keeping a straight brush stroke creates a more uniform wave pattern. For lightning fast results, use your medium to hard ( we suggest hard ) 360 sport brush in the shower under water; this will give you deeper wider waves.

Apply “CQP Deep Conditioning Hair Pomade” to your hair, then tie your hair down using the “CQP Diamond Ultra Compression Du-rag”. Wear overnight for best results.

The 360 Sport Crown and Caesar 2.0 hairbrushes are only slightly curved. Results have shown that it straightens, and stretches your hair more than our Original CQP brushes.

We do not suggest you boil your 360 sport wave brush. To clean, use a dry brush cleaner solution found at most barber and beauty supply stores. You can also run under scalding hot water, and clean out debris with your “CQP Brush Cleaner” utensil.

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